5,000 km in 1 week road trip to Uluru
New Years Eve in Melbourne
I arrived in Melbourne Australia on New Year’s Eve.  The events leading up to this venture were spontaneous and exciting. I had applied to take a job 10 months earlier when I was looking for ways to jump start my outdoor industry career. I was determined to take on something that would challenge me and greatly expand my comfort zone. I think it was something of a self-confidence builder; I wanted to show myself that I can adapt to any situation, learn from the challenges, and teach others.  My primary role was an Outdoor Ed Instructor for The Outdoor Education Group. OEG’s mission was to provide week long trips for primary school students teaching how to respect yourself, others, and the natural world. I trained in white water guiding, white water canoeing, rock climbing instruction, swift water rescue, orienteering, etc.  I don’t know if you have ever guided teens into the bush for 5 days at a time but believe me it is no walk in the park. That being said, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world, it was very rewarding.
Maits Rest Rainforest: Otway National Park

Of course with lots of hard work comes even more play. I lived in a tiny fishing town on Lake Eildon. There I shared a house with two other coworkers and shared the town with 50 other OEG employees. Needless to say with any free time we traveled, surfed, biked, paddled, and maybe partook in the occasional debaucherous weekend.

I spent six months in Australia. In that time I taught 60+ of Australia’s most gifted students, outran the deadliest fire in Australia’s history, rode camels, learned to surf, and made many lifelong friendships. This is all because I took a shot in the dark and went out on a limb. Challenge yourself. Try something new. Go somewhere unfamiliar.  You will never feel so alive.

Hiking outside of Lake Eildon National Park

The 12 Apostles: Great Ocean Road
Female King Parrot
Black Saturday bushfire Feb 7, 2009 Photo Credit: Eugene
A little impromptu boogie boarding
The Giant Koala
A little pep talk before the big race
Camel racing in Alice Springs
Lazy roos
Stoned out Koala on The Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road

Uluru a.k.a. Ayers Rock
The Southern Cross with Canis Major and Minor


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