Summer Guiding

Life on the road
This mild rainy morning I am full of anxiety and excitement; I am heading to Moab to kick off my summer guiding season. With each season come new challenges, sights, sounds, people, and experiences. That is why I relish this lifestyle with such fervent desire. With each day I wake not knowing what will be set out before me; I may share a perfect day riding on some of the best single-track in the world awestruck by the scenery, sharing stories of adventure, and laughing with new friends. Or, I might be faced with an unruly tempest and will be forced to make challenging decisions on the route and well being of my guests, all while keeping an unwavering smile on my face. That is what I love about guiding. I overcome obstacles, uncertainty, and share the most raw of emotions with perfect strangers both high and low.

 I begin Saturday guiding a Western Spirit mountain bike adventure. My first three trips are located in the most remote district of Canyonlands National Park, The Maze, unique in the world, was made famous by Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang. On this five to six day trip we’ll spend the days hiking and biking through the vast open skies and unique rock formations. Follow me to hear how the dispatches from the trail unravel.

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