Are you a High Poster?

Gooseberry Mesa

So let me begin by defining High Poster. A High Poster is someone that rides with their saddle height high and optimized for pedaling at all times.  Do you slide your post down for descents, do you use a seat dropper, you are NOT a High Poster. I am writing this post in light of the latest rage in MTB innovations. Everyone says you need a seat dropper these days. Given my XC-racing background and long mountain biking career I am stubborn and insistent that you can descend just as well with a high post. Is that old school? Maybe.  Convince me otherwise.  So let’s look at the benefits of each…

          High Poster
·         Most efficient position for                              
climbing and level terrain
·         Lighter weight
·         Hassle free: Less moving parts
·         Durability: Seat droppers always break
·         Less expensive
·       Fixed position: Too much side to side saddle play on seat droppers
Seat Dropper
·         Most efficient position for
climbing and descending
·         Lower center of gravity
·         Ease of getting behind the saddle
for steep descents

In conclusion, I am not convinced. The hassle, expense, and weight just don’t have me chomping at the bit to put one on my bike. I will remain a High Poster. Maybe I will look back at this post with the same reverence as someone who said “Disc brakes? Ahh, that’s soo unnecessary!”  I might be that guy but I hope not. Bottom line is that when the only apparent reason you’re getting dropped with your bros is that you’re post is too high maybe it’s time to convert, until then, shred on High Poster.


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