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Gina Begin enjoying a starry night by the fire

Introducing the Outfitter XXL Quick Tent. This is a great little tent. I have never used a pop-up tent before and its quite impressive. I set this tent up in about 60 seconds from backpack to staked out. Its light weight 4lb package puts it in the backpacking category while the complexity of the hub and long poles lends itself to more of a car camping tent. Would I go on an epic mountain summit attempt with it? Probably not. Would I use it for weekend jaunts and car camping? Absolutely! Either way you will be pleased with ease of set up and quality of materials.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend it to a friend.


  1. A go-to tent for me. One of my least favorite things about the otherwise awesome world of camping is the actual setting up of the tent... usually because by the time the camping group is ready to set up, it's dark, cold, and we're stumbling around trying to find flat ground. Teton Sports has completely revolutionized my late-night camping.

    By the way, that girl in the photo isn't playing with the fire, is she? ;)


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