Tip of the Week

Pritchett Arch Trail

Steep Ascents

Stay in the saddle to keep as much weight (equals traction) on the rear tire as possible. 

Pull a harder gear than normal to dilute your power impulse and keep the tire from braking loose.

If climbing out of the saddle hover above seat.

Keep pedaling action smooth, a jerky action may mean a loss of traction or a broken chain.

When the climbing gets really steep the front wheel wants to float up and leave the ground. Staying seated move your weight forward by sliding your bum forward on your seat till the nose of the saddle is pretty much in your crack. Not really comfortable but IT WORKS.


  1. Always wondered about the trick of getting that tire to stay down on a steep ascent. Guess you gotta deal with a lil pain to get to where you're going.


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