Tip of the Week

Spring/Summer Skiing

Despite one of the driest seasons on record there's still great times to be had on the white stuff. Spring/summer skiing can be some of the most rewarding skiing of the year but you have to plan differently.
  • Extra sun protection. The sun is much stronger this time of year. I suggest wearing an old long sleeve collared shirt, its stylin and functional. Cover any other exposed skin with strong 30+ sunscreen.
  • Plan for all snow conditions. Snow could be hard and icy at the top and slow mashed potatoes at the bottom. Conditions are continuously changing with warmer temps. Ski conservatively with a wide stance and look out for those sharks lurking in the snow ready to tear up your skis and knees.
  • Wear light tennis shoes for the approach. This way you can toss them in your bag when ready to throw on skis.
  • Secure skis and boots tightly to your pack. Watch for ski drag on hiking/scrambling terrain on the approach, and careful, your skis WILL hit the backs of your calves.
  • Don't go alone.
  • Plan for the Apres. Bring along a swim suit and beers. You never know where the adventure can lead after the long tour. It is summer after all.



Wasatch Crest Trail

Road bikes, mountain bikes, skis, climbs, waterfalls, hiking, makeshift rafts, swimming, beer fest, live music, PBR, grilling, and FRIENDS. That is the recipe for an extraordinary staycation in Utah. This past week I thoroughly enjoyed spending my week off at home. My home is Park City, Utah and it is everything but dull.

Gas prices are through the roof and many cant afford to travel. I say stay and play. Your back yard has so much to offer. Countless times I have traveled to places and told locals about how awesome their own back yard is. Many people just write it off because its close therefore how could it be fun; Nonsense.  Pick up a local trail book, events calender, call some friends to find the secret swimming hole, and just get outside. 

North Side Mt. Superior
I wouldn't have traded this week at home for anywhere else in the world. Some things I have done before, some things I researched and sought out, and some times I had no plan at all and they turned out to be the most fun, adventurous, and surprising of all. Explore your back yard. Search for those gems that you relished in as a kid or have never seen but heard about. Enjoy.
Bridal Veil Falls

Snowbird Beer Fest
Cabbage Patch LCC
Mid Mountain Trail P2P
Huck Fin Raft, Teapot Lake, High Uintas


Summer Turns

More tasty summer turns were had Saturday on the north face of Mt. Superior with Joe Johnson. The 5 hour tour resulted in a leg and lung busting 4000ft of up and 2400ft of skiing. Capping of with some pool poaching and beer drinking at the annual Snowbird Beer Fest. Not a bad day in the Wasatch.


Summer Turns

Point it Joe! freeskier.com
It’s June 11th and I am having one of the best ski days of the year. "Odd," you say? Yes, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Embarking on this summer ski venture are my two best friends and the shared excitement for adventure. We arrive in the Alta parking lot at a leisure time of 11am. At this time it is a solid 80 degrees and beautiful sunny skies above. We share the lot with groups of hiker’s quaking with curiosity. A few ask “Where are you going?” others comment “Didn’t get enough this winter?” “Rad!” and “You are crazy!” I like all the attention because I believe it inspires people to think outside the cube. 

We strap skis and boots on our backs and we head towards Gunsite Pass. The novelty of hiking with skis and boots in hot weather through green fields and across streams is priceless. My compadres and I are on cloud nine because it’s quite humorous and fun. We hiked 1000vert just to reach the snow and another 1000vert to the pass. Snapping photos and exclaiming every 5 minutes how awesome this was. I lost count how many times “I love life.” This doesn’t suck.” and “This is soo beautiful.” were exclaimed.

We reach the pass in 1.5 hours whip out our lunches and take in the absolute beauty that surrounds us. Being on this saddle with these two friends gives me a strong feeling of privilege and happiness. While I enjoy my sandwich I look around and contemplate how lucky I am to have my health, friends, freedom, and will to be here. And of course I am stoked to look down the slope knowing I’m about to have 1300vert of fun summer skiing.

If you bike 5 days a week go skiing, climbing, paddling, or vice versa. Or do it at night. Just change it up. Deviate from your path and a new excitement and happiness awaits.


Tip of the Week

Know Your Machine

Knowing the parts of your bike is very important to be able to fix/adjust and talk about. Whether your on the trail with a broken derailleur or talking to a shop expert its best to know the lingo. The next step is learning basic tuning skills and how to fix common problems on the trail.


Tip of the Week

Flat turns

Brake early
Eyes up
Start wide
Lean bike use tire edges

Pedals level for short quick turns (takes to long to switch from side to side), Cornering on rough terrain, you don’t want your pedal clipping rocks or roots or when the earth is at 90 degree’s to the tires. If the angle goes past 90 degree’s the outside foot needs to be weighted
Photo Cred: Mark Thompson