Wasatch Crest Trail

Road bikes, mountain bikes, skis, climbs, waterfalls, hiking, makeshift rafts, swimming, beer fest, live music, PBR, grilling, and FRIENDS. That is the recipe for an extraordinary staycation in Utah. This past week I thoroughly enjoyed spending my week off at home. My home is Park City, Utah and it is everything but dull.

Gas prices are through the roof and many cant afford to travel. I say stay and play. Your back yard has so much to offer. Countless times I have traveled to places and told locals about how awesome their own back yard is. Many people just write it off because its close therefore how could it be fun; Nonsense.  Pick up a local trail book, events calender, call some friends to find the secret swimming hole, and just get outside. 

North Side Mt. Superior
I wouldn't have traded this week at home for anywhere else in the world. Some things I have done before, some things I researched and sought out, and some times I had no plan at all and they turned out to be the most fun, adventurous, and surprising of all. Explore your back yard. Search for those gems that you relished in as a kid or have never seen but heard about. Enjoy.
Bridal Veil Falls

Snowbird Beer Fest
Cabbage Patch LCC
Mid Mountain Trail P2P
Huck Fin Raft, Teapot Lake, High Uintas


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