Summer Turns

Point it Joe!
It’s June 11th and I am having one of the best ski days of the year. "Odd," you say? Yes, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Embarking on this summer ski venture are my two best friends and the shared excitement for adventure. We arrive in the Alta parking lot at a leisure time of 11am. At this time it is a solid 80 degrees and beautiful sunny skies above. We share the lot with groups of hiker’s quaking with curiosity. A few ask “Where are you going?” others comment “Didn’t get enough this winter?” “Rad!” and “You are crazy!” I like all the attention because I believe it inspires people to think outside the cube. 

We strap skis and boots on our backs and we head towards Gunsite Pass. The novelty of hiking with skis and boots in hot weather through green fields and across streams is priceless. My compadres and I are on cloud nine because it’s quite humorous and fun. We hiked 1000vert just to reach the snow and another 1000vert to the pass. Snapping photos and exclaiming every 5 minutes how awesome this was. I lost count how many times “I love life.” This doesn’t suck.” and “This is soo beautiful.” were exclaimed.

We reach the pass in 1.5 hours whip out our lunches and take in the absolute beauty that surrounds us. Being on this saddle with these two friends gives me a strong feeling of privilege and happiness. While I enjoy my sandwich I look around and contemplate how lucky I am to have my health, friends, freedom, and will to be here. And of course I am stoked to look down the slope knowing I’m about to have 1300vert of fun summer skiing.

If you bike 5 days a week go skiing, climbing, paddling, or vice versa. Or do it at night. Just change it up. Deviate from your path and a new excitement and happiness awaits.


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