Tip of the Week

Spring/Summer Skiing

Despite one of the driest seasons on record there's still great times to be had on the white stuff. Spring/summer skiing can be some of the most rewarding skiing of the year but you have to plan differently.
  • Extra sun protection. The sun is much stronger this time of year. I suggest wearing an old long sleeve collared shirt, its stylin and functional. Cover any other exposed skin with strong 30+ sunscreen.
  • Plan for all snow conditions. Snow could be hard and icy at the top and slow mashed potatoes at the bottom. Conditions are continuously changing with warmer temps. Ski conservatively with a wide stance and look out for those sharks lurking in the snow ready to tear up your skis and knees.
  • Wear light tennis shoes for the approach. This way you can toss them in your bag when ready to throw on skis.
  • Secure skis and boots tightly to your pack. Watch for ski drag on hiking/scrambling terrain on the approach, and careful, your skis WILL hit the backs of your calves.
  • Don't go alone.
  • Plan for the Apres. Bring along a swim suit and beers. You never know where the adventure can lead after the long tour. It is summer after all.


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