Tip of the Week

Ride with your head up!

Ok, I am about to give you a little anatomy lesson that pertains to mountain biking. As you know balance is derived from your inner ear. The Semicircular Canals and Vestibule of the inner ear are filled with fluid that is responsible for balance and equilibrium. When your head is up the fluid is better equalized then when you head is down. The perilymph fluid moves forward ergo it is harder for your sensory nerves to tell the body where it is in relation to gravity and the earth.

Bottom line is head up equals better balance. Try standing on one foot with your eyes closed and look both up and down. Feel a difference?
Colorado Trail


Tip of the Week

Photography: Understanding Exposure
Milford Sound, New Zealand
  Exposure is all about the amount of light you let into your lens.
  • If you overexpose you’ll end up with blown out highlights: You can never recover detail in these areas of a photo. 
  • If you underexpose, the same applies as with blown highlights: There is no data recorded in these areas, and you can never recover any detail.
You must meter and adjust amount of light into the lens. This is accomplished by adjusting Shutter Speed and Aperture.
  • The shutter speed is a measure of how long the shutter stays open. The longer its open the more light comes in.
  • The aperture is an adjustable hole in the lens. Adjust the diameter of the hole to let more or less light in.