Yep, bored...

There we were, me and my two best friends. Yes, I was the ultimate third wheel to what could have been a romantic getaway for the two. I felt no shame. We were in Mazatlan Mexico. This trip was a bit out of character for all of us but we made the most of it. You see, none of us are beach people. We are mountain people. We decided to take this trip to celebrate the end of a long hard summer and to prepare for another amazing winter in the Wasatch. We used Laurans' time share on the beach. Everyday we'd get drunk, pummel ourselves in the surf, chill by the pool, and repeat. Yes, I enjoyed it but am I anxious to do it again? Not really... Mazatlan is beautiful though. Enjoy the scenery.
Threes company when strolling on the beach

The colorful city of Mazatlan at sunrise

Rooftop BBQ was pretty sweet w/ fish tacos and tecate on the menu

I made a friend and we went fishing. We got skunked :(

Sunsets were killer


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