Fairy Meadows

Joe Johnson scoping lines on the flight in.
Looking for a rad winter get away? Start planning now. Last winter myself and 7 of my closest friends embarked on what was arguably the best ski trip any of us have ever taken. A seven night heli-in/heli-out hut trip in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia  This is a trip you need to start well in advance. First go to Alpine Club of Canada website to apply to the lottery. Once you have been notified of your dates the anticipation and planning really begin. This is a self supported trip. You must pack and plan all of your food, BEVERAGES, first aid, and your avy savy knowledge.

For us the trip began when we all road tripped from Salt Lake City and points around the north west to meet in Spokane, Wa. In Spokane we gathered our gear and food in the appropriate piles and headed north to Golden (bring your passport). The trip seemed very surreal when we arrived the morning of the trip start at the helicopter base. The excitement really ramped up, I for one have never flown in a helicopter. We shuttled gear, food, and people in 3 different flights of about 20 minutes each.

Whats a cabin without a great wood burner and skin rack?
When we landed at the hut we were aw inspired by the infinite ski lines and possibilities. Work first, we were sharing the hut with 12 others so we had to organize spaces and chores (water and fire duties). After that, each day resembled the last. We would wake eat a large breakie check the weather, discuss snow conditions, and devise a plan for the day. Most days we had 2 ski sessions and a couple drunken sledding sessions. We skied all types of terrain from low angle meadow skipping to powdery trees, pillow lines, glacier lines, and a hand full of steep chutes. After the long day of schussing we would stoke the fire for the sauna, wood stove, fetch water, make an array of drinks, and prepare an awesome family style meal. Life was simple and oh so fine.

In the end we were all much closer having shared many experiences in close proximity. There were a few avalanches, a concussion/black eye, a few hangovers, lots of powder turns, a bit of naked gallivanting, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Our lifeline to the outside world flies away and suddenly we are feeling very very alone.

Glacier exploration with Mark Thompson
Pillow lines for days
The Adamant Group of the Selkirk Mountains
Shit got a little weird...

Family dinners and games every night

The whole crew, including "Tasty Dave" front and center. How did Dave get his name? Well, from the beginning we discussed who we would eat first if we were stranded out there in the middle of the Adamant Range. And well..Dave looked mighty tasty...Sorry Dave.

Shenanigans waiting for the lift out

Our ride back to the real world

When the skiing was sub par we played on glaciers

Final farewells :(


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