Mounatin Monster Glove by Columbia Sportswear

Introducing the Mountain Monster Glove. Columbia Sportswear handed me these gloves in December and said give em a try. I put these gloves to the ultimate test. Working as a full time ski patroller these gloves have seen it all, rain, sleet, snow, and temperatures anywhere between -30 to 60 degrees. I have worn them for about 120 days this season and show only a few signs of normal wear and tear. In years past I have chewed up 3 or more pairs of other gloves.

The Monster features key technology known as Outdry and Omni-Heat that keep your digits warm and dry in any environment.

Bottom line is that these gloves get the job done and for $150 I'd choose to wear one pair for the season rather then 3 pairs of $100 gloves. Would I recommend them to a friend? Yes! In fact, on my upcoming ski expedition in Greenland the entire team of 5 will sporting the gloves.


  1. I use it everyday at the gym. Very solid glove, fits good, and is very comfortable. I purchased at


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