Columbia Sportswear = #OmniFamily

Last week was one of those unforgettable experiences. It is not everyday that 35 like minded people are brought together in a resort town to test their metal. Thats exactly what Columbia Sportswear did last week. Last week Columbia assembled 4 seasons of #OmniTen. What is #OmniTen? #OmniTen is a facet of Columbia's market strategy. In typical form of #TryingStuff, Columbia had an idea to assemble teams of ten for each summer and winter season. These ten were thought of as ambassadors per say. Every one has there own niche in the outdoor world. Many are bloggers, photographers, videographers, and all are adventurers and life livers. We basically live life to the fullest and spread the stoke about the Columbia Sportswear brand. Which is not hard because meeting the design team and trying out the gear I too am super passionate about this brand and what they do. I mean take Gert Boyle for example, that is one tough mother. And the story of her career and success is truly inspiring.

I digress, back to the #omnigames... The basic format of the games were for you and a partner chosen at random to compete in 8 events against the other 16 omni teams. The top 5 teams at the end of all the challenges win yet another life changing trip to Jordan (yes, the country.)  Every challenge was unique and tested us in different ways. There were strength, agility, balance, and intelligence testing tasks. Throughout the trip my partner Kristie Salzmann was as solid as a rock. She had the eye of the tiger while being completely joyful and encouraging to others at the same time. Her strength and determination really shined in the vertical descent ski challenge. This was admittedly one of Kristies' biggest challenges, but did she waver? No, she charged as hard as she could. In the end her pride in overcoming her challenge was tangible. I could not have chosen a better parter . With that said , I knew nothing about Kristie before we started. That in its self was another win for me. I made a great new friend. All in part of Columbia's grand plan I'm sure.

But this week was not just about the Omnigames either. This week Columbia unveiled their brand new innovative Olympic uniforms. We were treated like VIPs at the World Freestyle ski competition at Deer Valley resort. We met the designers of the USA, Canadian, and Russian team uniforms. We chatted about the new LightRail zippers, the omni-heat, and fit. I was blown away by how much time was spent in there design. These designers are passionate! But were they arrogant? No, they were the most modest people and would listen to any advice or concerns we had.

So from our stay at the Hyatt Escala, All Seasons Adventure guides, Canyons Resort, to the spread at Deer Valley and Utah Olympic Park, everything was top notch. Columbia really knows how to throw a party. It goes with out saying but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Columbia Sportswear and all your fabulous staff.

It's time for me to stop blabbing and you to watch the video. Enjoy!


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