What does #TryingStuff mean to you?

As you may or may not know, one of Columbia Sportwear's core values is #TryingStuff. Columbia has been trying stuff since the thirties and what started out a small hat company, now revenues over one billion dollars a year. Do you think they became so successful by simply doing what has already been done? No! They are constantly trying new things, testing new ideas and thinking outside the cube. 
Now that I have reflected on life a bit, I can confidently say that I live a life of trying stuff. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the sports were baseball, basketball and football. I played them all and was quite good at them, but I knew there were other things out there. I began trying stuff. I fished, backpacked, climbed rocks, hiked, traveled and skied. All of these things broadened my horizons and I
became a bit of an experience collector. Then, one day, I discovered cycling. This was a life changing moment and directed the path for the rest of my life. My passion of cycling grew and grew. Soon, I quit all the traditional sports and was traveling, racing, meeting people and I was set on a totally different trajectory from my classmates. Cycling has now taken me to college by providing a scholarship; to which I otherwise may have not gone. I have traveled to all fifty states; Greece, Nepal, Greenland, Iceland, Rwanda, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, etc. And now has lead to my career in active travel and bike guiding. So, my point is with out trying stuff where would Gert Boyle be now and where would I be now?

To me, trying stuff lives within each one of us. It pushes us to step outside our norm and experience something new. The end goal may be different for each person. For myself, to grow as a person, make amazing friendships and experience the world and what is has to offer. For Gert, simply to enable people to live the dream in comfortable fashion and to be able to face the environmental challenges one may face on their journey. 

So, I boldly encourage anyone who reads this to please go out there, do something new, try something that is not in your routine. Start #TryingStuff!!

-Stay tuned for more #TryingStuff, where my teammate Kristie Salzmann and I compete in 8 unusual challenges as part of the #OmniGames
Our ride home since there is no more sea ice to travel on...
This is a loaded pulk that we traversed the sea ice with.

TryingStuff: Greenland

Dog sledding across constantly shifting sea ice in East Greenland:5 sleds and 55dogs...

TryingStuff: Nepal

TryingStuff: Rwanda


  1. Loved reading your backstory about how you got into cycling. Amazing how many places in the world it's taken you.

  2. The terrain and switchbacks were technical and rocky...just the way I like em. Boy did I wish I was more equipped with protective gear though! electric bikes nz

    1. Yeah it was not easy going. Super glad I had the fat tires. Epic adventure nonetheless.

  3. It's so interesting to me to find out when people adopted #tryingstuff. I really wish I could say I understood it at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen I liked to pretend I did but to be really honest, it wasn't until I was about twenty-four that I really embraced #tryingstuff.

    Glad to know you Wes! You'll do awesome things.

    1. But you did embrace it. That's the important thing. Thank you for your perspective and I'm very happy to have met you as well :)

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