Who better to be #INSPIREDBYGREATNESS than an Astronaut!

Reid Wiseman
Isn't it every little boys dream to become an Astronaut? Meet Reid Wiseman. Wiseman has been assigned to the Expedition 40 crew as a Flight Engineer and is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz 39 in June 2014. Reid is truly an inspiration and has been a joy to chat with about his journey and success. As he says below his career really took off in the right direction when he became a test pilot in the Navy. Since then he achieved many medals such Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat V(4medals.) Graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Systems Engineering Degree, and was awarded various other campaign and service honors. I was lucky enough to track Wiseman down to pick his brain about living the dream and #TryingStuff. Please enjoy a few Q&A's and be inspired.

1. Have you always dreamt of being an Astronaut? If so, when did it start becoming a reality?  
This dream started to solidify early in my life, around the age of ten. Like most dreams kids have, this one was just a fantasy but I always tried to keep the door open towards this job.  When I became a test pilot in the Navy the dream became more of the "next step" in my profession.

2. As seen in my blog, #TryingStuff paved the path of my life. How would you say trying stuff played a role in your journey to being an Astronaut? 
I think some of our greatest highs come after our most demoralizing failures. If you aren't willing to take risks on something new you are destined for mediocrity. Throughout my life I have put myself into extreme positions well outside my comfort zone just to see if I could succeed. There were failures but I also gained confidence in how to recover, adjust, and try again.

3. What has been the most enjoyable part of your training? Why? 
There is so much here, I could talk for hours.  The people are amazing.  Every day is a new adventure.  Scuba, flying, engineering, survival schools, it goes on and on.  In the end though, the single greatest thing has been two flights on a zero g aircraft.  This plane gives us 20-30 seconds of weightlessness and you repeat that 30-40 times. It is an environment so foreign to a human and yet you adapt so quickly and begin to play with your new-found capabilities.  And it is beyond fun.

4. What are you looking forward to most about being shot into space?  
The launch is only 9 minutes of powered flight. At the end, we are >200km in altitude and traveling about 28000km per hour.  I am most looking forward to feeling the engines cut out...feeling weightlessness, then looking out the window at our earth below seen as only 600 people have ever seen it.
"My suit tech pulled the thermal blanket over my finger tips exposing the pressure suit beneath while I was still wearing the glove. This is all hand sewn in Dover, Delaware and withstands 4.3PSI in the vacuum of space."-Wiseman
"Unlike the fashion forward underwear Sandra Bullock sported in Gravity, this is the real stuff we wear under the spacesuit. Not classy, but the liquid cooling is wonderful"-Wiseman

5. Who inspires you the most in life or as an Astronaut? Why?  
Certainly my brother has had an enormous impact.  He is five years older than me and I grew up watching him push the limits. I think that gave me the desire to do the same.  I am still trying to catch him.

6. Many of us will never know what it's like to put on an Astronaut suit. Can you describe the emotions involved? Pride? Pressure? 
Keep going.  Fear? Nervousness? Excitement? Yes to all. It is like getting off the lift on a ski slope that is just a bit more difficult then any you have tried before. You are pretty sure you are going to crush it and love it, but at the same time your heart is racing and your senses are peaked.

7. Others, especially young dreamers, look up to you. What is one word of advice you would give them in inspiration?  
"Dream" isn't exactly right because that doesn't imply the need to actually chase the dream. I guess it would be better to say "achieve." That combines the need to set goals and then work like crazy to get there regardless of obstacles.
PC: Reid Wiseman


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