Canoeing the Weber River

The rivers are swollen, the banks are being pushed, and its time to paddle in Utah. This spring we're seeing a rapid melt from a very good winter. So Kara and I decided to go try our luck on the middle section of the Weber River, its the perfect width, length, and speed for an intermediate paddler. I have had some experience in the past running white water in a canoe but its been nearly a decade and besides my last paddle of the Kipkaren in Africa I am still very rusty. We first drove down to the banks of the Echo reservoir to drop a car then proceded up to the Wanship exit bridge under I-80. You want to start down stream just below the first large rapid. Along the way there were 2 rapids to portage and a few fences and ropes crossing the water. You'll want to be prepared to eddy out at any given point. Along the way you can indulge in the famous blue river trout stream and try your luck for some large brookies. A highly recommended trip for the intrepid adventurer. Now take a look for yourself.

Running the Kipkaren River

Watch as Simon and I take on the Kipkaren River in Western Kenya. For me it has been a very long time since I ran any type of white water in a canoe. The last time was in Australia about 9 years ago when I was working at an outdoor education school (OEG). This is where Simon and I met. Now, nearly a decade later we're still good mates and enjoy getting ourselves into trouble. That is why I followed him to Kenya to test myself on the mountain trails and rivers of Africa. The unknown of this river was exhilarating, then add the novelty of the very curios village people running along the river bank for kilometers at a time. Eventually I fell back into having a clue to what I was doing and reveled in the once in a lifetime opportunity. Here is a short of the adventure that ensued on the Kipkaren. Enjoy! **watch in HD**